Sefora Pons grows in the woods of Italian Alps.
She loves daifuku sweets, her husband and daughters, furry things, snow, vintage books and mother Nature.
One day, for joke, she made a few paintings for a friend’s showroom in Milan…

Now, a hundred paintings and a dozens of galleries after, she still loves creating new Symbiosis.

Symbiosis is a path, a journey, a quest that I undertake since many years now.
It is a subject that I love, which is part of myself as a son. I love Nature, I love being part of this planet, I love the human being. I love tears and joy, life and death, the tenacity and delicacy of mankind and Nature: here is my tribute.

I am completely self-taught, a little out of stubbornness a bit out of necessity. This means that the way I create is very intuitive, immediate and is reflected a lot in everything I do.
Often the ideas are born while I sleep. I see the image in my head and I draw it when I wake up. Sometimes I grow the concepts in my head for years, but I have to wait that nocturnal enlightenment to make them concrete. The project Symbiosis is accompanying me for over six years and I think that it will never leave me definitively. I use simple and recycled materials such as wood and packaging, old books’ pages or clay. I shape the troubled relationship between the human being and the environment around him, two souls unable to completely understand each other but that cannot exist separated.
I think art can be created even without a real canvas, on a budget. I do it by choice. Some may think that the project is poorer, but I think that way my art is more useful and has more meaning and less environmental impact.”


2017 Upcoming shows:

  • “NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY II”- collective – Swoon Gallery – Montebello – USA
  • “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE II”- collective – Swoon Gallery – Montebello – USA


  • Earth Fiction” collective – Galerie Curiosités/ Galerie L’Etabli – France



  • vɛʁ” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France
  • “Bloodletting” collective – Swoon Gallery – Montebello – USA


  • “Expo Métamorphose Vol.II” collective – Galerie Arludik – Parigi – France
  • “Bestial Bestiaire” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France


  • “Dans mes reves”  collective – Galerie Curiosités – France
  • “Mon Maitre et moi” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France


  • “L’enfant mécanique” collective – Galerie l’Art de rien – Parigi – France “Promenons-nous dans les bois” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France


  • “Noir et Blanc” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France
  • “So Cute!” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France
  • “Crazy circus” collective – Galerie Curiosités – France
  • Libreria 451 – Micro show- Turin – Italia


  • La Gallery Montreal – collective – Montreal, Canada
  • La Gallery Nana – collective – Paris – France
  • Oh! – solo show – Brescia, Italy
  • “Freaks” – collective – Galerie Curiosités – France
  • “Mr. & Mrs. Pudding” – collective – Galerie Curiosités – France


  • Vfrì – exhibition – Turin, Italy
  • Symbiosis  –solo show – BarZar – Pragelato, Italy


  • Meet2Biz – concept store – Milan – Italy
  • Libreria 55 – Micro show- Piossasco, Italy

2007 -2013

  • Le 18:00 showroom – resident artist – Milan – Italy


Book releases


  • Symbiosis – Sefora Pons –

2015 Lar Editore isbn 9788898345250

  • Skydoll Decade – Alessandro Barbucci/Barbara Canepa –

2010 Soleil Editions isbn 9782302014893